We believe that these are just a few characteristics that are common in businesses that drastically impact the marketplace. Leaders who take their organizations into the next century and beyond will be the masters of vision. They live in the present, constantly aware of the latest trends and challenges in the marketplace, while skillfully and passionately visualizing the future.


At Gold Coast Transmissions, Integrity is at the core of who we are and what we do. Our code of values encompasses a commitment to honesty, to ethics, and to a spirit of mutual respect focused on our customers and on our team. We promote an atmosphere of forthright, honest communication; this means addressing a complaint or correcting a problem with due diligence. We follow through on our commitments, saying what we will do-and doing what we say. We value our reputation as a good business partner and a great place to work, knowing that it is Integrity that keeps our Team strong and sound.


We are passionate about doing the best job possible and we have fun doing it! We are positive and enthusiastic, ready to lend a hand whenever and wherever it's needed. We believe in our services, our people, and our company. We have a drive to exceed goals and expectations, both individually and collectively, and we are rewarded for it. We value and grow from the Team culture that pushes us to find our passion, perfect it and share it. To us, this is not just a job. It's a passion for creating value, a great company and a great future for us all.


Fueled by our triumphs, collectively overcoming our challenges, and always dedicated to the success of our company, we are a Team. We respect and celebrate the diversity of our team members. We listen to the ideas and viewpoints of others. We are committed to effective communication and collaboration, recognizing that these are the foundation on which our productivity is built. We work with others to improve our practices and processes. We never say, "That's not my job," because we recognize that it takes a team to make sure tasks are achieved and strategic goals are met.


We believe in and foster a creative environment that motivates and inspires all who are touched by our products and services. We recognize when we're thinking "in the box" and love to brainstorm our way out. We encourage collaboration across departments and welcome ideas from anyone who wants to offer them. We believe creativity comes in many forms and that inside each pf us there is a creative spirit that, allowed room for expression, enriches us all.


Every member of our team plays an important role in achieving our common goals and attaining a level of excellence that makes us both a leader in our industry and a place where people enjoy their work. We strive to ensure that team members are both empowered and proactive. If we see a problem or opportunity, we pose a solution or plan. We take responsibility for the successful and timely completion of work entrusted to us, understanding how what we do fits into the company's culture and its strategy for growth. We recognize that others depend upon us and we depend upon them to achieve the satisfaction of a job well done.


We believe in continuous improvement. Striving to offer the most inspiring products and services available, we relentlessly evaluate our work in order to identify areas where we can improve. Where we identify problems, we also pose solutions. Where we see opportunities, we help develop plans. We challenge ourselves and others to step outside our comfort zones, set new ever more ambitious goals, and prepare for new opportunities by taking advantage of training, mentoring, networking, and continuing education.