What is the average cost to repair a transmission?
There are a lot of different factors that contribute to the cost of the transmission repair. However, without a proper diagnosis that question cannot accurately be answered. This is why we offer a complimentary external diagnostic service, which includes a computer scanning, where you can bring the vehicle in and we will check it thoroughly to have a better understanding of what needs to be done.

What warranties do you offer on repairs?
Gold Coast Transmissions offers a wide variety of warranties, tailor fit to the specific repair needs of your vehicle, at no additional cost.

How long does the transmission repair take?
Typically the average transmission repair can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, depending on part availability and workflow. Some repairs may take longer due to setbacks related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What do you do when you check my car?
We start by doing a road test on vehicles that are drivable in order to duplicate the concern. We do a fluid check and leak check to the level and condition of the transmission fluid, which is a good indicator of whether the vehicle has an internal mechanical failure. We also use our state of the art scanners to do a thorough electronic scan of the system and we check all of the electronic connections to make sure that the vehicle’s onboard computer is communicating properly with the transmission*. There are many possible causes that could simulate a transmission concern, and we would never condemn your transmission without doing the proper diagnosis first.

What kind of parts do you use?
We use only the highest quality OEM or OEM equivalent parts for all of our repairs. We have built relationships with most major dealerships and parts vendors to insure that we are getting only the best quality parts for your budget.

Do you do anything besides transmission repair?
Yes! Gold Coast Transmissions is a full service shop and we offer a wide variety of repairs and services including, but not limited to, Air Conditioning, Axles, Brakes, Belts, Catalytic Converter, Exhaust, Engine, Electrical System, Fuel System, Mounts, Maintenance, Oil Leaks, Radiator, Shocks or Struts, Thermostat, Tune-Up, Timing Belt or Chain, Valve Cover Gasket, Wheel Bearings, Water Pump, Etc.

Do you work on All cars?
Absolutely! We work on all makes and models of vehicles, including high-end luxury vehicles, antiques, muscle cars, specialty vehicles, and even boat and tractor transmissions. Some of the vehicles that we repair and service are:

• Acura Repair
• Audi Repair
• BMW Repair
• Bentley Repair
• Buick Repair
• Cadillac Repair
• Chevrolet Repair
• Chrysler Repair
• Dodge Repair
• Ferrari Repair
• Fiat Repair
• Ford Repair
• GM Repair
• GMC Repair
• Honda Repair
• Hummer Repair
• Hyundai Repair
• Infiniti Repair
• Isuzu Repair
• Jaguar Repair
• Jeep Repair
• Kia Repair
• Land Rover Repair
• Lexus Repair
• Lincoln Repair
• Maserati Repair
• Mazda Repair
• Mercedes-Benz Repair
• Mercury Repair
• Mini Repair
• Mitsubishi Repair
• Nissan Repair
• Oldsmobile Repair
• Plymouth Repair
• Pontiac Repair
• Porsche Repair
• Saab Repair
• Saturn Repair
• Scion Repair
• Smart Repair
• Subaru Repair
• Suzuki Repair
• Toyota Repair
• Volkswagen Repair
• Volvo Repair

Do you offer financing? What are your payment options?
Yes! We offer a 6 month no interest financing on repairs over $199, pending credit approval. We also accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. For our customers who may have bad credit or no credit, we also have additional financing opportunities. Contact one of our two locations to inquire about the various programs we offer.

Are you open on weekends?
Gold Coast Transmissions operates Monday thru Thursday between the hours of 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM. This schedule allows us to service all your automotive needs, while also caring for our employees. However, you can always reach our Center Manager after hours by calling our shop, and we are even able to accommodate towing for disabled vehicles outside of normal operating business hours.

What could cause my transmission to fail?
The most common cause of transmission failure is overheating, which could be a result of a clogged cooler. There could also be a mechanical failure of the internal components. Low voltage from the electrical system could also cause the transmission to get damaged. The transmission could also become water damaged either through a faulty radiator or through water coming in externally, in which the full coverage on your vehicle would, in most cases, cover the better part of the repair.

Do you offer towing?
Yes! Gold Coast Transmissions offers free towing, with most approved repairs, to all of our customers.

Do you work with extended warranties?
Absolutely! We at Gold Coast Transmissions are very well versed in working with all kinds of extended warranty plans. We have years of experience as a preferred repair facility for many of the major extended warranty companies. When it comes to having your repair approved, we do all the work so you don’t have to.

How often should I change my transmission fluid?
Most vehicles have guidelines from the manufacturer that detail which maintenance schedule works best for the longevity of your transmission. However, Gold Coast Transmissions does not recommend that you change the fluid on a high mileage vehicle if the suggested maintenance has not been previously performed. We encourage all of our customers to come in and let us perform a complimentary fluid check in order to properly advise you of what would be best to prolong the life of your vehicle.

What do you charge to look at my car?
At Gold Coast Transmissions we offer a complimentary external diagnosis, which includes computer scanning. Sometimes you want a second opinion and we believe that helping you make the right choice for your vehicle shouldn’t come at a price.

Do you have any coupons or discounts?
Because we value transparency and quality, we do not offer coupons because we always give you the best price up front so you never have to be afraid that we are charging you for the value of a coupon in some other way. At Gold Coast Transmissions we sell value, not gimmicks.

What happens with my vehicle over the weekend?
Every vehicle gets stored inside of our 27,000 square foot facility every night and over the weekend. We would never let anything happen to your vehicle while it is in our care.

*Some transmissions are not electronically controlled.
**Synthetic oil available upon request at a nominal fee